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Sep 20, 2012 11:00am PDT
have a very important show for you that i hope you will watch, yardley was a senior at the university of virginia when she was murdered by her ex-boyfriend. for the first time since her killer was sentenced hear from her mom and sister what are the warning signs and what can you do if someone you love i . >>> exploring the epidemic of dating violence mother of yardley love talks about the murder at the hands of her ex-boyfriend. chamber of commerce not going to like this san francisco being called within of america's dirtiest cities. -- milk may do a body good another dairy product is said to bring real benefits to your heart. >>> batman comes to the hp pavillion. >> don sanchez has that and more in what's hot. ♪ ♪ >>> thanks for joining us today. >> who wants to be a
Sep 10, 2012 12:00pm EDT
lacrosse and field hockey and went on to play across the university of virginia. yardley's name and class colors will keep her memory alive. her mother and sister both attended last night's dedication. >> this would be something that she would love. now she has it. >> i am sure she is looking down with a smile on her face. >> her killer was convicted in february and sentenced to 23 years in prison just two weeks ago. a shooting that happened that shortly before midnight. police tell us that two men were shot. one critically. we were told a gas heater was also hit in the shooting. a man is dead after a single car accident. it happened just before 1:00 this morning on the ramp to west street. a man died at the scene and a female victim was flown to shock trauma. maryland police say that speed was a factor in that crash. topping the $1 trillion mark. the question remains, how will college graduates start to pay it off? tonight, the team tackle the issues and goes after the biggest private loan companies around. >> college graduate knew that her massive student loans would come calling, even
Sep 10, 2012 6:00am EDT
back in april. >>> a new athletic field at notre dame prep in maryland is dedicated for yardley love. she was the uva lacrosse player killed in 2010. love's family raised more than a million dollars for the team and it set up a scholarship in yardley's name. >>> jessica doyle is watching your money and a new thing to spend it on. >>> we are expecting a new unveiling from apple this week. >> maybe you heard about this? all eyes are on apple this week of course. just maybe two or days until we find out about the iphone 5 the stock is already popping. the rumor mill has it the phone will be. >> thinner faster with a larger screen and a better camera. >> they could land in stores by september 21st. how important is the iphone to apple? in june 2012, iphones brought in $74 billion. microsoft combined all of its products and services, $73 billion. analysts estimate 22 million iphones will be sold from october through december. >>> the ipad could be getting new competition. today toys r us is expected to announce a new tablet computer just for kids. it could be available late next month. >>
Sep 20, 2012 12:00pm EDT
in 2005 of prostate cancer. very, very close. yardley would have been her maid honor. obviously, with this terrific loss -- they have channeled the energy into a foundation where yeardley'sto honor - honor yeardley's spirit and make sure t happen to another young woman. such an important message to get out there. thank you. will be tuning in to your today at 4:00. atick around for abc7 news where we will take a violenceok at dating as another local woman tells her of a dating relationship also turned physically dangerous. message for other women at 5:00. had still to come on the news at 5:00. want to try to crack it?e news yeah, that's the way to do it! now we need a little bit more... a little bit more vanilla? this is great! [ male announcer ] at humana, we believe there's never been a better time to share your passions... because the results... are you having fun doing this? yeah. that's a very nice cake! [ male announcer ] well, you can't beat them. [ giggles ] ohh! you got something huh? whoa... [ male announcer ] humana understands the value of spending time tog
Sep 22, 2012 3:00pm EDT
yardley of the washington post so four people on stage. we want to show you the room now so you can get an idea of the crowd size. pretty much standing room only. and they will be introduced, the introducer who will be coming on stage in just a minute, is with wells fargo bank, and he will be introducing the -- all these folks here in just a minute, and that is mike golden, who is regional president of the washington area wells fargo bank. so you can see the crowd, and just another reminder, after this presentation, we will join the eisenhowers and jean edward smith on stage and you'll have a chance to, with your phone calls, talk with them as well. so, back to the history and biography tent as we continue our live coverage of the 12th 12th annual national book festival. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> i have an announcement about an additional program. at 6:00, the national book festival festivities actually e
Sep 20, 2012 6:00am PDT
, almost very expensive. what we'll tell you more coming up. >>> today we have an important show. yardley was a senior at the university of virginia my alma mater when she was murdered by her ex-boyfriend. for the first time since her killer was sentenced hear from her mom and sister. what are the warning signs and what can you do if someone you love is in day >>> welcome back. live doppler over the last three hours it has been dry. temperatures will be warm today upper 80s chico and sacramento, 72 big sur. tahoe is going to be a warm weekend starting friday weekend cools significantly down to 69 small chance of a thunderstorm sunday. small chance of thunderstorms around yosemite into the weekend temperatures 93 saturday, dropping to 86 the heat will break sunday. l.a. a lot of sunshine not as hot as it was last weekend. definitely temperatures near normal in the mid 80s and down around san diego temperatures a little above average low to mid 80s. >>> what is trending now on twitter in the bay area: red hot chili peppers performed outside city hall last night as part of the convention. ma
Sep 25, 2012 5:00pm EDT
, attorneys for a former lacrosse player are appealing a conviction on the beating death of yardley love. his attorneys found the appeal today in charlottesville where he was convicted earlier this year in the may 2010 slaying of his ex-girlfriend. was sentenced in august to 20 years in prison. attorneys have not outlined a basis for the appeal. >> at a baltimore county executive and the police chief are speaking out tonight concerning the near riot-like situation outside a theater this past sunday morning. he is claiming that theater owners and is threatening their liquor license. we have the story live from downtown towson. >> witnesses described it as a chaotic state not -- as a chaotic scene. streets like this one not with people. we are on allegheny avenue. pending the outcome of a police investigation, the theater could be brought in front of the county's liquor board to face penalties. this as area businesses say the theater has done a lot of good in the community. >> an active downtown towson tuesday afternoon, just days after what people call their riot-like situation outside the the
Sep 10, 2012 11:00am EDT
was dedicated in the name of yardley love. the field is located at notre dame prep near baltimore where she attended high school. she is the former university of virginia lacrosse player who was murdered two years ago. her ex-boyfriend beat her to death in a drunken rage. he was sentenced to 23 years in prison. her family says building the field is what kept them going. >> it gave us something positive to focus on and to work on. it really pulled us up and got us going and got us out every day. >> the field cost $1.2 million to build and was financed through donations to the school and the one love foundation started by her family to help raise awareness for dating vile zbleens we could learn more about the search of a killer of that high school honors student. prince georges county police are holding a public meeting tonight to discuss amber stanley's murder. someone shot and killed the 17-year-old last month in her own bed at her home in kettering. detectives will give an update on their investigation. tonight's meeting begins at 7:00 at the community center. >>> also tonight, the naacp w
Sep 23, 2012 6:00am EDT
of toronto and marshall university. finally, our moderator for this program will be jonathan yardley, pulitzer prize-winning critic for the "washington post." mr. yardley has been a fellow at harvard university and was awarded and anwar doctor of letter by george washington university in 1987. his most recent book, his second rating, a compilation of some of the most memorable reviews have noted and neglected books from the past. please join me in welcoming david and julie eisenhower, jean edward smith and jonathan yardley. [applause] >> thank you very much. can you hear me? >> no. >> no? okay. we don't have much time some going to ask our panel is to get right to. i'm going to ask first mr. smith and in the eisenhower's to tell you a little bit about the books they are here to talk about. >> thank you very much. eisenhower in war and peace deals with president eisenhower's to careers. first as general and then as president. we are dealing with really one of the most underrated figures in american history of both as a general and as president. one of the reasons for that is because e
Sep 24, 2012 6:00am EDT
. smith were talking are there with earl jonathan yardley, so you heard a presenout their presentation. we hav one question for each. where people lined up a linda peeno give everybody a i'm just going to get mye out o questions out of theut o way rel fast. jean edward smith, did president eisenhower like campaigning? >> certainly not in 1952. in 1952, this was the new job that he had but he learned it effectively ended 1956, he campaigned. no, he did not like it. >> david eisenhower, in "going home to glory" the book that you and mrs. eisenhower wrote, you said president eisenhower once described you as very able. was that an a+ complement from the president? >> yeah, but the point, the very able comment, that was his way of complimenting people. kevin mccann was a speechwriter and somebody who helped him write books, including his informal memoir, memoirs, aziz, as somebody who re-created for me, and i, we try to capture that in "going home to glory," the amphion surround our office in gettysburg in the 1960's. people were sitting around and enjoying a quiet morning over coffee
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)